A Year In Review

So 2016 has been a memorable year for us to say the least. In January we lived in San Francisco. In February we moved to Scottsdale, AZ for Spring Training. At the end of March we moved to San Diego for baseball season. After Drew played in the All Star game in July, he got traded to the Red Sox, so we moved from San Diego to Boston. In October the Red Sox made the playoffs, and I moved back to San Francisco to finish planning our wedding. In November we left for Hawaii for our wedding on November 19th! Following our wedding we went to our honeymoon in Australia for 10 days and just returned back to San Francisco. In 10 days we will leave for Hawaii again and finish out the year there.

Its safe to say that the 40,000 pictures we have and the millions of memories we made needed a place to stay. So for now this will be it.

Xoxo, Carolyn