Wedding Weekend Events

Its almost been exactly one month since our wedding which calls for reminiscing on the fun events we hosted during the week leading up to our wedding and throughout our wedding weekend!

Tuesday, November 15th, most of our bridal party landed in Hawaii. Once they arrived at their condos at Hualalai, they were greeted by their welcome bags.

Wednesday, November 16th, was a day of relaxation and fun at the pool.

Thursday, November 17th, we held the rehearsal for the ceremony on the 17th hole (where we would be getting married on Saturday). After the rehearsal, we hosted a dinner at the Beach Tree for our bridal party and their significant others.

Friday, November 18th, wedding festivities with our guests began! While I was hosting a bridal luncheon for my bridesmaids, Drew hosted a barefoot golf tournament for his friends. The tournament was modeled after the annual Hualalai barefoot golf tournament that has been held by a group of homeowners during New years Eve for the past 10 + years. The only two rules in the tournament are: 1. you can’t wear shoes 2. you have to take a shot of tequila before each hole (luckily we only play around 3 to 5 holes).

Friday night, November 18th, was the Rehearsal Dinner!

Saturday, November 20th, was the day of our wedding ceremony, reception, and after party!

Sunday, November 21st, we held a beautiful farewell brunch at my family’s house at the resort.

It was definitely a fun-filled, action-packed wedding week 🙂

PICS of these events coming soon!