Olivia Culpo's Makeup Tips #RevolveBeauty

Hey guys! Yesterday, I went to Revolve's beauty pop-up shop for a live makeup demo by former Miss Universe, current IT girl, and beauty queen, Olivia Culpo. I really wasn't sure what to expect, since I'd never attended a live makeup demo before, but I am so happy I went because Olivia spilled all her beauty secrets and taught us so much!

Before we get to Olivia's incredible beauty tips, I have to tell you that Revolve did an outstanding job transforming their invite-only space into the most beautiful—and of course Instagram worthy—make up space that I've ever seen. It was a classy and cool with chic couches, chairs and decorations that included flower arrangements in every shade of pink. The beauty products that Revolve carries on their site were also neatly displayed throughout the space.  The pop-up shop was absolutely gorgeous and set the perfect stage for the live beauty demo.

Here are my top 3 take-always from Olivia Culpo’s live beauty demo at Revolve:

1. Olivia Culpo's secret to achieving the perfect cat-eye

One of the most helpful beauty tricks that Olivia demonstrated was her secret on how to achieve the perfect cat-eye... and trust me, you would never guess how she does it. 

In order to achieve the perfect cat eye, Olivia Culpo uses a credit card. She first applies a dot of liner on the corner of her eyelid where she wants the line to stop. Then, she lines the edge of her credit card (or hotel room key or anything else with a flat edge) up so that it runs from the corner of her eye to the dot of liner she previously placed. After that, all she has to do is trace a line from the end of her eye to the end of the dot. She repeats the same process on her other eye and—voila!—she has a perfectly balanced look.

To maintain focus on this feline inspired beauty look, Olivia refrains from using any shimmery eyeshadow, but rather swipes her lids with a nude colored eyeshadow from BECCA

2. How Olivia slicks her hair back into a tight bun

Another beauty secret of Olivia’s that I found really interesting was how she gets her hair into a tight bun without any flyaways. Naturally, most people would think she uses all types of gel and other hair formulas that are only available to top celebs; however, she actually only uses a regular can of hairspray. Olivia shared that she sprays her hair first, then brushes it down and continues this process until every tiny little fly away is held down. After that, she ties her remaining hair into a low bun using ponytails. Easy, right? But it looks so chic!

3. The product Olivia uses to keep her skin perfectly hydrated while constantly traveling

Finally, Olivia shared how she keeps her skin perfectly hydrated while constantly traveling.

To maintain hydrated skin while traveling, Olivia uses SK II  beauty mask. The SK II beauty mask is made from an extremely vitamin-rich formula that transforms your complexion from dry and tired to a radiant healthy glow. 


I had such a fun time and learned some great beauty tips and tricks from Olivia. Thanks Revolve!