Off Day Miami Style

Hi guys! We FINALLY had our first off day of spring training woohoo!!!!! Since there's no such thing as weekends in baseball, we take full advantage of the few days throughout the season when the guys do get a break from baseball. 

Fortunately, we are able to spend the first off day of this season in Miami! Fort Myers is only a 2.5 hour drive from Miami so Drew and I drove there after his practice, and arrived just in time to have dinner with my relatives.

My relatives took us to the most amazing sushi restaurant in downtown Miami called Zuma. Drew and my uncle split the Tomahawk Chop (think steak from The Flinstones), while the rest of us ordered just about every type of nigiri on the menu. We also got the rock shrimp tempura, mushroom rice hot pot, and lots of orders of spicy tuna rolls. My relatives were seriously shocked at how much Drew eats. Typical.. baseball players like to eat :)

After dinner, we met up with one of my older cousin's and his girlfriend at Sugar, a swanky rooftop bar on the top of the EAST hotel. We had a great time catching up with them and experiencing a taste of the Miami nightlife. 

The next morning, Drew and my uncle golfed at the Riviera Country Club, and then my uncle made his famous "Mikey Burgers" for lunch. They were amazing! After lunch, we went over to the Miami Open to watch some of the tennis matches. The Miami Open is located a few blocks away from  my aunt and uncle's house in Key Biscayne. We were able to get amazing front row seats in the Grand Stadium and got to watch some tennis players that I had played with years ago at IMG Academy. 

After spending a few hours at the tournament, we left to watch the rest of the tennis matches back at the house so we could relax before our drive back to Fort Myers. When we turned the match on the TV, the most hilarious thing happened. A massive, disgusting-looking iguana ran onto the middle of the court and no one could catch it. The ball guys were running around with towels and brooms reaching for the iguana but completely missing. The tennis  players were standing in the middle of the court cracking up. 

It was definitely a site to see!

All and all we had an amazing off day and we're very thankful to have such welcoming and hospitable family! We are looking forward to returning to Miami in the offseason for Art Basel. 



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