The 3 Must-Have Accessories for Spring 2017

Happy March! With spring officially starting soon, it's time to verse yourself on the accessories every girl will be wearing this season. The first key accessory for looking fashionable this spring is statement earrings. Not to be confused with the little chandelier earrings we all used to wear back in the day, but rather large brightly colored ball drop earrings or oversized tassel earrings.

The second must-have accessory for Spring 2017 is a pair of tinted glasses. Sorry girls, if you really want to look trendy this season then you're going to have to ditch your sunnies from last year, and invest in some reflective colored lenses with a retro frame. 

The final accessory you must have to look fashionable this spring are embellished sandals. Think eye candy for your feet. Whether you're planning on wearing mules, slides, or flatforms this season, be sure to pick the pair with some added flair. 

Check out how to wear these three accessories and where to buy them online below!



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