6 Month Anniversary Update // Our Favorite Part About Marriage

Hi everyone! Drew and I have officially been married for six months. Can't believe how fast time flies. Feels like yesterday that we were in Hawaii with all of our friends partying until the sun came up. 

Since we have been traveling like crazy because of baseball, I wanted to update you all on the adventures we've had over the past six months and the exciting plans we have coming up!

After our we got married on November 19th, we honeymooned in Australia, and then went back to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas, my birthday and New Years. 

January and February we enjoyed the lasttwo months of off season by finally getting a chance to open our wedding gifts and unpack all of our stuff from the numerous trips we had taken.  Of course right after we unpacked everything, we had to repack for Spring Training in Fort Myers, Florida...but that's typical baseball life! 

At the end of March, we moved to Boston for the start of baseball season. Since then, Drew has been traveling nonstop for away games / home games. I have been going to most of the home and away games, but did have to miss a few road trips during April in order to do  Corepower yoga sculpt teacher training! 

Upcoming Plans: 

Right now we are in San Francisco at home for the first and only time during baseball season because the Red Sox are playing the Oakland A's this week...hallelujah !! Drew has a day game Saturday so we hope to see our friends that evening. 

Sunday, I head back to Boston to get ready for the Christopher Haven's fashion show that the Red Sox wives are modeling in on Monday. Lakyn holt and I have been working hard for months coordinating this event so it will be a huge day for us. 

Next week the Red Sox have home games in Boston and one of my best friends comes to stay with us. After that, the guys embark on a ten day road trip to Chicago, Baltimore and New York - three great cities!! 

So enough with that... let's get to the more interesting stuff and find out our favorite part about marriage so far!

What is our favorite part about marriage so far?

Drew: "I think the honeymoon in Australia was the best part, getting some time to celebrate away from all of the marriage commotion! It's also exciting to know that you are starting your life together and I enjoy talking about our future because now it's real.  Talking about starting a family and where we want to live and planning out our lives together. And planning our future travels!"

Carolyn: My favorite part about marriage so far is realizing that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and truly feeling like we are one team. We are there for each other no matter what! I also love that even though we are now officially married, we still try to impress each other, try to make each other as happy as possible, and of course... still love to have fun and throw parties with our friends :)