Bahamas Recap & What I Wore

Hi guys! Happy weekend. Last week Drew and I got to go to the Bahamas for a few days for "All-Star break." If you aren't familiar with the baseball world, All-Star break is a four day break for players who aren't selected to participate in the All-Star game. Now, if you are one of the players whose selected to play in the All-Star game (like Drew was last year) you won't receive any consecutive days off from the start of Spring training in February, through the end of baseball season in October (or even later if your team makes the playoffs and/or World Series). So that being said, Drew and I took full advantage of these four days he had off last week and jetted off to soak up some sun in the beautiful Bahamas

Check out some pictures below of our vacation at The Cove Atlantis! 

*Not pictured: The Lazy River & the intense waterslides we went on multiple times a day :)