July Beauty Faves

Hey ladies!! So this month I have some seriously cool new products that i'm obsessed with. Check them out below:


BECCA Sunlit Bronzer  - Okay, so we're all aware that BECCA makes absolutely fab highlighters... but have you tried their bronzers? I am absolutely obsessed! I bought my BECCA bronzer at Sephora and use it on a daily basis. I love the shade "Capri Coast" which is perfect for light-to-medium skin tones. If "Capri Coast" isn't the right shade for you, this bronzer comes in  5 otherbeach-inspired shades  that will leave your cheek bones shimmering with the perfect sun-kissed glow. I definitely recommend picking up one of these bronzers ASAP. 

Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Spray - Ya'll this stuff smells sooo good. Seriously, next time you're at Sephora or Drybar pick up one of the full-size or travel-size bottles and I promise you that you'll thank me. This light-weight spray prevents frizz while simultaneously giving your hair a glossy finish. It's truly delicious!

BECCA Backlight Primer - I swear I use other makeup brands in addition to BECCA cosmetics, however, last month their products truly stood out to me. I don't normally use primers on a consistent bases but after trying my friend's BECCA primer I was definitely sold. I went to Sephora and picked up my own bottle of this primer the next day and haven't stopped using it. This backlight primer is great if you want your foundation to smoothly glide onto your face and have an additional subtle glow. If your skin tends to be dry and dehydrated, I would recommend using the BECCA First Light Priming Filter (purple bottle) because its does a really great job moisturizing and "depuffing" your complexion. 

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination - Let me tell you, I have been looking for a product like this for SO long. This concealer masks dark circles and brightens the section underneath your eye so that your face looks so much better. The best part about it is that you don't have to worry about any crevices or creases because this product goes on so well. I highly recommend ordering it online or picking it up at Sephora. Keep in mind - you'll only need to use a  drop or two on your skin because a little definitely goes a long way. 

Beachwaver Curling Iron - If you want something that's going to change your life, I swear to you this is it. Before I purchased this curling iron, I could not curl my hair for the life of me. I spent  way too much time going to the Drybar to get blowouts, and scheming up a plan to figure out how to get my wedding hairstylist to follow me around 24/7 to make me look like a princess (which failed). Now, however, I can finally do my hair for my photoshoots myself and  if I feel like having beachy Victoria Secret waves on a daily bases all I have to do is walk into my bathroom and pull out the iron and I'm set. The Beachwaver is a life savor because all you have to do is put a piece of your hair in the curler and press "go" and then it will automatically curl your hair in the correct direction.  Best invention ever. 


Check all my favorite beauty products from July  below and feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you like them.