NYC Recap August

Hey guys! So as you may know from my Instagram stories, I was in New York last weekend for the Red Sox vs. Yankees series. Although the Red Sox and Yankees play each other a few different times over the course of the season, this trip was special because the Red Sox had an "off day" in New York. This meant that Drew and I got to spend the whole day together exploring different parts of Manhattan and hanging out with our friends who live there. 

Aside from getting to spend a full day hanging out with Drew and our friends in New York, I got to watch Drew earn his 12th win of the season on Saturday night against the Yankees. My friend and I had the opportunity to sit in closer seats than we usually do at the field so being able to explore the immense "Legends Suite Club" at Yankee stadium and feast on the enormous buffet.. was definitely an awesome experience. 

Check out the restaurants we went to, the fitness classes I tried, and the outfits I wore over the course of the trip. 

Restaurants we went to this trip:

  1. Mercer Kitchen: If you've checked out my NYC July City Guide, then you know that this restaurant is one of our favorites. The salmon crispy rice is to die for. 
  2. Soho House: We had a great time dining at the Soho House with our friends on Drew's off day and of course...raiding the candy wall!
  3. Serafina: This is a great Italian restaurant that has multiple locations in New York. I ate lunch here with few friends and had a delicious salad with grilled shrimp. Their white pizza is apparently the thing to get!
  4. Blue Ribbon Sushi: So delicious. I tend to Postmate it to my house in NYC because its not conviently located to the various Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurants. I love this sushi spot because you can always count on super fresh fish and amazing rolls and nigiri. 
  5. Bar Italia: I love this restaurant because its in my neighborhood in NYC. My go-to order is the salad with grilled chicken for lunch or dinner. They also have amazing fresh fruit, grilled salmon, and an incredible cheese plate. 
  6. Vandal: One of my favorite dinner spots in NYC. I was so excited to finally take Drew to this restaurant and had a blast eating there with Drew and our friends. We basically consumed everything on the menu.. including dessert. 
  7. Clover Grocery: Super cool grocery store / juice bar in West Village that my friend and I went to post Barry's Bootcamp. 
  8. Fred's at Barneys: Easy, super trendy lunch spot that I end up eating at every trip...great place to take a shopping break. 

Cocktail Hour and After Dinner Locations:

  1. Top of the Standard: One of our favorite places to check out an amazing view of New York. I also love it because they make drinks out of fresh squeezed juice. My favorite is their watermelon juice. 
  2. Public Hotel: New hotspot in New York. We didn't have a chance to check out the rooftop but their main room was really fun.
  3. Hotel Chantelle: Oldie but goodie. Fun to go when you feel like dancing!
  4. Soho House Pool: My favorite spot for happy hour. 

Fitness Classes I went to:

  1. Rumble: Boxing and weights. Really enjoyed this class. Love how it has a Barry's Bootcamp vibe. Kendall Jenner last spotted there (haha). 
  2. SoulCycle: If you haven't tried SoulCycle please do. 
  3. SLT: Great pilates reformer class.
  4. Barry's Bootcamp: Obsessed. Had a bast going to the Tribeca location with my "little" from my sorority in college. 

What I wore: