Packing Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hi everyone! As you know, I travel allll of the time. I'm pretty much in a different state every 3-5 days. Although I absolutely love to explore new cities and catch up with my friends across the country, I definitely do not love to pack. 

Fortunately, I've mastered a few different methods that have saved me a lot of time and energy while packing, as well as helped me keep my things organized while I'm away on vacation. 


1. Have a separate toiletry kit that you only use for traveling. If you travel as much as I do, then I definitely recommend having a separate toiletry kit filled with essential items that you'll need on every trip. My favorite way to do this is to take a plastic toiletry kit or a Ziplock bag and fill it with a travel tooth brush and tooth paste, a mini deodorant, a facial moisturizer, dental floss, travel size shampoo and conditioner, a small brush, and a shaving kit. These are all items that I make sure I have duplicates of at home so I never have to unpack this kit and I can just throw it in my suitcase whenever I go on a trip. 


2. Packing Folders are life savers. These babies aren't just helpful for segmenting your clothing, but they also save you a lot of time when packing. You can order them off Amazon or pick them up at The Container Store or a luggage store. I use the ones with a zipper for my underwear, bras, and bikinis, and then I use the folders to pack my shirts, sweaters, jackets, and everything else I'm bringing. Packing folders are great for organization and also prevent your clothes from wrinkling. 


3. Use shoe bags. Every time I pack my shoes I make sure to put each shoe inside a shoe bag so they don't get ruined. I also pack all of my shoes on the side of my suitcase that has a zipper and designate the rest of my suitcase for clothes  


4. Stuff tissue paper or socks or tank tops inside your purses so they don't get smashed. This sounds weird, I know, but every time I pack some of my purses for a trip, I make sure to stuff the inside of each purse with  a few pairs of socks or tissue paper so it doesn't lose its shape while it's in the suitcase  


5. Always pack an extra outfit and your valuables in your carry on. Unfortunately, things happen and there's always a chance your suitcase can get lost. I alwaysss pack my most valuable items (jewelry, wallet, any prescriptions, electronics etc.) inside my carry on suitcase.  I also like to throw in a pair of leggings, underwear, and a top... nothing worse than being stuck in the same clothes for days while trying to track down your suitcase. 


Hope this helps! Feel free to comment below with any of your favorite packing tips.