The 3 Shoe Styles Red Sox Wives Have been Rockin'

Hi guys!! As I begin to put together my outfits for the World Series, I wanted to take a second to answer all of the numerous questions I’ve received about my game day shoes!

Rather than just focusing this post on myself, I wanted to expand it and share the three noticeable shoe trends that a majority of the Red Sox wives have been rocking.

Whether you have kids or not, these shoe trends will ensure that you’re fully equipped to walk around the ballpark comfortably and in style!

  1. Combat Booties: Perfect shoe to look hot while being able to walk! I’ve been wearing this style of boot nonstop. Love the cool/edgy/bad*ss touch this style of shoe brings to your outfit.

2. Embellished sneakers: The perfect shoe for chasing your kids around the ballpark or if you want to spice up your outfit. I tend to wear these shoes to “away games” when I’m at much larger stadiums and have to walk a lot. A lot of girls love the embellished Gucci sneakers, Golden Goose (which you can read more about in my post here) and Vans for a Cali vibe.

3. Black leather booties: Super chic, classic, comfy, and warm.. Great shoe when you want some height and want to dress up for the games. I personally love dressing up for games since I usually wear workout clothes during the day so you can definitely find me in these shoes as well.