Blue Varsity Jacket Details + Jacket Guide

Hi guys!! I have received so many requests today about the blue varsity jacket I was wearing in my Instagram story. Thank you so much for all of your messages and comments! I love answering them and decided to make this post before running out the door to an event hosted by Olivia Culpo in Boston. Check out my IG story later for details on that :) 

Anyway... so here's the deal with the jacket I was wearing in my IG story that you guys like. Its SUPER expensive. I actually received it as a gift, however, I have linked the details to it so you can check it out. 

What I've also done is found a very similar jacket in the same color for around $20.00!! I couldn't believe it. Such a great deal and looks pretty much the same as mine!

If you are looking for a cute new varsity jacket in any color, check out the guide I made below:

Hope this helps, and feel free to keep sending me questions. Love sharing everything with y'all!