The Hotel Room that makes staying healthy while traveling easy

Hi guys! As you know, I spend 80% + of my life on-the-go and in transit, which is both absolutely amazing and completely stressful on my body. I spend a lot of time thinking about and experiencing this intersection between wellness and my somewhat nomadic life, and I’m really excited to share with you my experience with the new Four Seasons Los Angeles Beverly Hills Wellness Rooms.

I’m a frequent traveler who tries to travel “guilt-free” and maintain a healthy lifestyle when constantly on the go, so I’ve been dying to try this concept of a hotel room equipped with high-end fitness equipment, a wellness-oriented room service menu, circadian lighting and cutting-edge air and water purification all at my fingertips!

My Favorite Features:

  • Workout equipment at your fingertips! SO much harder to make an excuse for not working out when you wake up with a Peloton bike, Alo yoga mats, hand weights and medicine balls just steps from your bed… (I will note that my Peloton didn’t work at first due to issues with the internet signal, but the Four Seasons staff was super responsive and quick to address the issue)
  • Circadian lighting controlled by a “Mood Box” to simulate color temperature and intensity of natural outdoor lighting. As someone who is super sensitive to different types of lighting, it was awesome to be able to activate the Relax setting when I was getting ready for bed and the Energize setting when I wanted to use the workout equipment!
  • The food! I openly love room service and mini bars, and Four Seasons curated my dream offerings with these rooms! The in-room dining menu has so many Cleveland Clinic approved healthy options on the special wellness menu, but my favorite were the lettuce wraps, fruit bowl and the antioxidant salad! Re: mini bar… the danger of these guys in traditional hotel rooms speak for itself, and the FS LA has total changed the game with mini bars stacked with healthy options!
  • Air and water quality in this room was SO much better than I’ve ever experienced in a hotel. I often find the air in hotel rooms to be stuffy, dry and stale, and the water quality in LA is notoriously sub par, but the FS has changed that in these Wellness rooms with a Rabbit Air Purification system, hypoallergenic wood floors, and a water dechlorinator with vitamin C infused shower water 
  • Wellness products: Ever last detail was developed with wellness in mind down to the toiletry amenities! The rooms include natural, chemical free products from Lather (a local LA brand)

For next trip:

  • Next time I visit, there are even more features I’d like to experiment with as part of this wellness experience including:
    • Meditation Videos by Deepak Chopra (one of the top figures in alternative medicine!) 
    • Access to Cleveland Clinic Wellness online program with guidance on sleep, stress and nutrition
    • Awesome spa privileges (10% discount on all treatments, 80 minute massage for price of 50 min, spa and rooftop pool just down the hall – these rooms are on the same floor as the facilities!)

The Bottom Line:

While wellness and fitness are a huge part of my life, I absolutely believe these rooms are equally worth every type of traveler trying. I’m returning home relaxed, well-rested, and rejuvenated as a result of this complete prioritization of overall wellness. I’m super grateful the Four Seasons has launched these one-of-a-kind Wellness Rooms and look forward to the day when there are rooms like this offered at hotels at every price point in cities nationwide!