Halloween costume

7 Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas

Hi guys!! Halloween is right around the corner so time to plan out your outfits. Here is a list of ideas in case you're stumped on what to wear. 

1. Cat - I wore this exact outfit to the Maxim Halloween party last Saturday and actually really liked it. The outfit was sexy with an exposed back but I  was still warm since my legs were covered.  Think black sparkly smokey eye makeup, cool cat ears, and heels. Boom!

2. Egyptian Goddess - I love this costume. Easy to do with a gold dress, gold bangles, headband and beautiful sparkly eye makeup. 

3. Sexy Rockstar - You can make this costume super cool and hot by wearing a mini black sequin dress and sequin boots. To stay warm, throw a leather jacket over your shoulder. 

4. Witch - If you're seriously scrambling, check out these For Love & Lemons dresses below. Super easy costume just add high boots and a hat. If you want to make it sexier, throw on a bodysuit and tiny tutu. Option to add black tights as well. 

5. Sexy Zombie Bride - Great costume for a bride or a newlywed! I wore this costume last Halloween before my wedding. If you want to go all out, order a giant plastic engagement ring on Amazon and some black roses. Easy to do as a couples costume too with a zombie groom. 


6. Lion Tamer - This is a great costume if you're dressing up with a friend. Dress your friend up as a lion or a circus animal and keep them by your side. This duo costume will definitely turn heads. 

7. Sushi - Alright guys, I know that some of you have a sense of humor when it comes to dressing up for holidays. Show off your cleverness by dressing up as everyone's favorite food. If you really want to go all out...throw on a white t-shirt and pull out the sewing machine to create an orange fish shaped pillow. Fasten the pillow on your back with a black belt around your waist. BOOM you're a salmon nigiri. LOL.