CES Recap // Vegas For The Day

Hi guys!! So yesterday we flew to Vegas for the day to attend CES. CES is a consumer electronic and consumer tech trade show that’s held in Vegas every year. Basically, exhibitions that display the latest and greatest technology that has or hasn’t come out in stores yet. For me, it was just a great excuse to go to Vegas.

Since literally every hotel in Vegas was sold out for this conference, we chartered a plane – not normal, but clearly my dad really wanted to go.

Once we landed in Vegas we had a driver pick us up and take us to the trade show. There were people everywhere and lines a mile long just to even get into the show. It totally reminded me of my days at Salesforce when we hosted Dreamforce – however this time without all of the perks.

Inside the show there were VR headsets, every type of drone imaginable, self-driving cars, rooms with professors giving lectures, futuristic household appliances and every possible future tech thing you could imagine. I definitely stood out with my bright blue Chanel bag and studded boots (oops) but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

About halfway through the day, Drew, my dad, and my sister wanted to go to a lecture on drones so my mom and I took that as our opportunity to escape and go shopping instead. We took a car to Ceaser’s and went to Gucci, Moncler, Fendi, and Sephora and tried on makeup for an hour and a half. Once the “drone lecture” ended, my mom and I met up with the rest of our group at the Wynn to gamble and to have drinks with our very close friend from Hawaii who was at in Vegas for CES as well.

We were a little concerned about where we were going to have dinner but luckily, Drew’s agents was able to get us  into Nobu, so we went back to Ceaser’s and gambled and had drinks with our other close friend before dinner.

As my friends know, gambling with my dad in Vegas is the greatest experience of all time. First of all, he gives everyone money to gamble with so you never have to use your own. Second of all, he is absolutely hilarious and asks the dealer the most ridiculous questions (i.e. did you vote for trump? why are you taking our chips and putting them in your pockets? I like your belt where can I get one? oh, you’re from Korea… so am I ! ). We literally went through like 5 different dealers because once a dealer starts giving us bad cards, we begged the pit-boss to give us a different dealer. Our favorite dealer was Tsoi – a lady from Hong Kong who actually loved to have fun and liked our jokes.

Once it was time for dinner, we walked over to Nobu to find an amazing table that was reserved for us. What was even better than the table, however, was the fact that Nobu had added 15 more dishes to their menu in honor of CES, and 90% of the dishes had truffle. Of course, my sister and Drew ordered them all and we ate until our bellies hurt.

After dinner we went back to the airport and boarded the plane, grabbing all of the chocolate bars and M&M’s out of the compartments before taking our seats. We had a nice flight home and landed a little after midnight.

Safe to say our first experience at CES was quite a success. Pics below. Enjoy : )