Hawaii December Recap

Since baseball season is right around the corner (meaning we won’t get to go on vacation until the following October) we made sure to end the year on a high note. 

For us that meant spending 12 days at our favorite resort (Four Seasons Hualalai) with our favorite people. Although we were just in Hawaii a little over a month ago for our wedding, it is always so good to be back… especially during December when each night is slammed with parties!

We began our trip by spending some much needed quality time with our family and attending a new “pop-up” party which was held in the garden near the hotel spa. Inside the party there was a DJ blasting music and a cool bar. It was fun to experience something new and different at the hotel.

Spending Christmas in Hawaii is a tradition my family has had for many years. We sleep in Christmas pajamas, go to mass at a local church on the island, golf as a family, tan by the pool,  and then finish it off with the best Christmas buffet ever. This year was a special year since it was our first Christmas as husband and wife. Drew got his own stalking filled with typical Esserman gifts –  bizarre objects that you don’t really know what to do with but at least your parents tried really hard?

The day after Christmas is my birthday! This trip, I kept the celebrations low-key since we had just had our wedding. Instead of throwing a big party like years past, we got massages,  went to a surprise lunch with our family friends, popped champagne on the beach and had drinks with all of our friends after dinner. It turned out to be a really fun day and I was happy to be able to spend it with such great people. As for birthday gifts, Drew got me a red Hermes leather bracelet and spikey gold loubitons, and my sister got me a curling iron from the VS fashion show. It’s good to turn 25!

The final part of the trip was filled with back to back parties. From the resort’s annual “Rock the Rock” party to house-warming parties to engagement parties to barefoot golf tournament parties, to finally NYE parties, it was definitely a marathon not a sprint.

A very enjoyable marathon 🙂