Bora Bora Travel Guide

For our anniversary, Drew and I had the privilege of checking off a bucket list item for both of us – Bora Bora. If you have the opportunity to treat yourself to a vacation here for an anniversary, other special occasion or just an incredible getaway, do it! So many of our friends recommended the destination but nothing could prepare us for the mind-boggling beauty we found on this magic island. Keep reading for a guide to the best of Bora Bora! 

Where to stay

On Bora Bora, staying in an overwater bungalow is key. Fortunately, most of the hotels in Bora Bora offer overwater bungalows.

While there are so many amazing options, we chose to stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora. Some other hotels that are  popular in Bora Bora are the St. Regis and The Conrad Hotel. The Conrad is famously known for hosting the Kardashians during their visit to the island. 

Mr&Mrs POMERANZ - by Kim Akrich - HD-5.jpg

What we did

Once you’re at the resort, there’s no shortage of activities. From relaxing on the beach to swimming with sharks and stingrays, Four Seasons Bora Bora truly offers something for everyone. 

Activity highlights:

  1. Swimming with sharks and stingrays & snorkeling with octopus
  2. Attending the Polynesian show with Fire Dancers
  3. Receiving a couples massage at the beautiful resort spa
  4. Playing tennis on the grass courts at the hotel
  5. The surprise anniversary dinner that Drew planned for us.

What we ate

If I could only eat one cuisine for the rest of my life, it might be Tahitian food. I was told I’d fall in love with Bora Bora for the beautiful views and the amazing cuisine, but I might reverse that order… 

Cuisine in French Polynesia is centered around fresh fish and seasonal produce.  

Food “Musts":

  1. Eat sushi while watching the sun go down at the sunset bar
  2. Drink coconuts by the pool
  3. Have your breakfast delivered to your room via canoe.  
  4. Try the homemade coconut bread - its absolutely delicious and I still dream about it :)


What I wore

For this trip, I packed a variety of colorful mini dresses for the night and bikinis for the day. My favorite outfit that I wore during the trip was a top and skirt from Beach Riot and a Beach Riot bikini that I got from their resort collection. I was also really happy that I brought a big sun hat (pictured below) because the sun in Bora Bora is very strong. 

See below to view everything I wore in Bora Bora!

Mr&Mrs POMERANZ - by Kim Akrich - HD-65.jpg