The Fitness Classes You Must Try in 2018

Who has an NYE resolution that has to do with health and wellness?? I'm guessing most of us... Instead of stressing over whether we messed up our NYE resolution (already), I decided to round up a list of my favorite fitness classes to motivate you. I specifically chose a variety that are all over the country -- and more importantly, they offer fast results and provide a challenge that will have you feeling proud of yourself.

From my experience it’s really easy to psych yourself out of trying a new workout by thinking it'll be too hard or you'll be bad at it.. I always try to remind myself that life is wayyy too short to get sucked in by negative thoughts. If you're bad at it... who cares?! Laugh at yourself. I'll be honest, my sister and I completely suck at yoga - We can barely touch our toes. When either of us go into a yoga class, we stick out like a sore thumb… and it doesn’t help our case when we are surrounded by people standing on their heads and doing the splits (#goals). Instead of feeling humiliated, I'm sticking to last years’ resolution and hope to inspire others with it:

Try to put a larger emphasis on being proud of yourself for even being there. For me, I continue to go to yoga but I almost always modify the yoga poses and try not to crack up laughing when I’m with my sister. We all can't be good at everything right?


Check out the list below of my favorite fitness classes that you must try in 2018:


1. Barry’s Bootcamp:

I LOVE Barry’s Bootcamp. I was introduced to Barry's when I was in college in Nashville. A few of my classmates from Vanderbilt got me hooked...

WHAT: The class is divided into treadmill and floor segments. For example, half the class will run for 8 minutes and the other half the class will do weight exercises for 8 minutes and then you will swap places.

AMBIANCE: club-like with loud music and dim lights.

WHY I LOVE IT: The trainers are very knowledgeable and understanding of modifications. If you need to walk, you walk, if you aren't comfortable with something, you do something else. It's definitely challenging...but if it wasn't you wouldn't notice a difference in your body. If you are in CA, NYC, IL, MA, FL, GA, TN, TX, or DC then definitely give this class a try. Plus, if you hate it, you can always fake going to the bathroom and leave ;)

2. Rise Nation:
The best 30 minute cardio class ever. Unfortunately, Rise Nation is only located in LA, Cleveland, Miami, and heard they’re opening a studio in Dallas (!!) and I can confirm this class is so worth it!

WHAT: The class is taught on a versaclimbers which are machines similar to an elliptical but instead of a forward running motion like an elliptical, the machine is vertical, which allows you to repeat a climbing motion for a total body, fat-burning workout.

AMBIANCE: Very similar to Barry's Bootcamp and SoulCycle - dim lighting, loud music

WHY I LOVE IT: It’s very challenging and because no one can see you/the loud beats are motivating/make you want to dance


3. Rumble:

New Yorkers are obsessed with this class and I don't blame them.

WHAT: Think Barry's Bootcamp, but swap out treadmills for boxing bags.

AMBIANCE: Dim lighting, upbeat music, energetic vibe. 

WHY I LOVE IT: This class will tone your arms in a heartbeat! Oh, and don't worry about smelly boxing gloves, Rumble gives you boxing gloves and wraps for each class and they have also figured out a way to clean their boxing gloves so they don't all (thank goodness).


4. BodyRok Studios:

The best way to Rok your body in San Francisco, NYC and Chicago.

WHAT: It’s a great 40 minute reformer pilates class

AMBIANCE: Clean, chic, peaceful, natural light. 

WHY I LOVE IT: It offers a low-impact workout for lean muscle tone. My favorite BodyRok studio is located in the Marina District of San Francisco.


5. Corepower Yoga:

My favorite class at CorePower is Sculpt. Fun Fact: I went through the Sculpt teacher training last April in Boston while Drew was just kicking off the season. I received my CorePower Sculpt teaching certification and would love to teach one day in the future!

WHAT: This class is hybrid between hot yoga and cardio with an option to add light weights to the routine.

AMBIANCE: The studio is very chic, very clean, and you will leaved feeling detoxed and rejuvenated!

WHY I LOVE IT: Definitely recommend trying this class out when you need to clear your head of stress or whatever else is going on in your life. The instructors always have great playlists along with positive, relatable and uplifting commentary :)


With the winter weather, it’s easy to get bogged down with the temptation of hibernating with Netflix.... Hopefully you will consider giving these classes a try, because I guarantee it will lift your spirits and give you a motivational push to keep on making 2018 your year for fitness!