Sweat in Style: Workout brand I can't get enough of

Hey y'all! Last week I flew down to LA for a few hours for some last minute appointments before we moved to FL for spring training. Although I was bummed I didn't get to see any of my friends, I did get to make a super quick stop at my favorite workout clothing store, ALO! 

If y'all haven't checked out the brand ALO yoga, go check it out asap! It truly is   a m a z i n g. If you're in LA, you're lucky because you get to partake in the full ALO store experience. This includes hydrating yourself with freshly squeezed juices while you shop, and maybe even treating yourself and buying some Compartes chocolate bars upon check out.  

If you don't live in LA - don't worry, Revolve Clothing has your back! They somehow are able to keep up with Alo's constantly changing inventory. 

Some of my favorite pieces from this trendy workout line include  West Coast and High-Waist Moto leggings, Vixen Fitted Crop top, Sunny Strappy bra and their Airbrush white capris, which I wore while I was a bride to be and throughout my wedding week!

Below are  pics I took of some of their new Spring 2017 collection. Enjoy!