Life Lately 2/13-2/19

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a great week!

This week Drew and I moved to Fort Myers, FL for Red Sox spring training. I had absolutely no idea what to expect since the other teams that Drew has been on have all had spring training in Arizona. Luckily, it turns out the area we are living in is absolutely beautiful!! Our gated community has an infinity pool, a gorgeous white sand beach, tennis courts, a golf course, and various types of boats that we can use at our leisure.

Outside of exploring our neighborhood, I spent the first half of the week unpacking all of our clothes, and making multiple trips to target to get boxes upon boxes of hangers and other storage materials. On Valentine’s day, I took a quick break from unpacking to bake a massive heart-shaped cookie cake for Drew from scratch. I also covered the kitchen table with baseball chocolates which I found at Target.  Sorry Drew… not much of a chocolate selection in Fort Myers.

I also had to get accustomed to driving our "massive, manly, pimped-out" Jeep that Drew designed during the off-season. Although most people would be more nervous about moving across the country to a city where they hardly know anyone, I on the other hand, was totally panicked about driving this jeep... especially after Drew told me that the steering wheel moves back and forth on the highway because the vehicle is "lifted" (FML). Oh, and I should probably mention that I very rarely drive to begin with.  Trust me, living in San Francisco pretty much means Uber is your lifeline.

However, in Fort Myers, FL, Uber’s are 10-15 minutes minimum from your location. No thank you… massive manly pimped out Jeep it is. Thankfully, the farthest I had to drive all week was 25 minutes to the mall so I survived.

During the second half of the week, Drew and I explored Naples. We went to an amazing restaurant in South Naples called Campiello, and another beachfront restaurant called The Turtle Club. They were both absolutely delicious and I highly recommend them to anyone visiting the area. I also got to hang out with some of the other player’s wives, which was really fun because I hadn’t seen them since October.

While Drew was at baseball practice during the day, I joined a gym, played tennis, explored Vanderbilt beach, went to the Waterside shops in Naples, and read a book on the beach across the street from our house.

Although San Francisco will always feel like home, I'm thankful that baseball gives us the opportunity to live in so many different cities across the country, and meet so many fun and interesting people!

Next week, our adventure continues as Drew and I are volunteering at a Red Sox charity event Monday afternoon, and then I’m flying to Nashville to stay with my best friend and go to a Dan + Shay concert! Dan + Shay performed at our wedding so I absolutely can’t wait to see them live in one of my favorite cities in the country.




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