Stay Fit While Traveling: Healthiest Airport Snacks

Traveling is a huge component of my life as a baseball wife. Not only do Drew and I move to a different city 3 times a year (off season, spring training, and baseball season), but we travel almost every week for away games! Fortunately for Drew and his teammates, they get to travel on a private plane when they play teams in other cities. Unfortunately for baseball player's wives, we have to fly seperately from our husband's on commercial planes and meet the guys at the various team hotels. 

Safe to say, I have had to find ways to entertain myself while spending many hours in airports alone. So, one of my favorite things to do while waiting for my flight to board is to check out the healthiest snacks offered in the terminal.

Oh, and I should probably share with you all that I do have a hugee sweet tooth, however, I have quickly figured out that I much prefer making healthy food choices over spending hours in a hotel gym.


Check out my guide to the healthiest airport snacks below!

    ⁃    Apple

    ⁃    Banana

    ⁃    Starbucks Protein Bistro Box

    ⁃    Peet's Coffe Hummus and Veggie Bistro Box  

    ⁃    "That's It" Bar

    ⁃    Skinny Pop

    ⁃    Raw Almonds

    ⁃    Trail Mix

    ⁃    Kind Bar

    ⁃    Greek yogurt (slice up your banana and add it on top!)

    ⁃    Peeled Dried fruit Snacks

    ⁃    Fresh Fruit cup 

    ⁃    Garden Salad

    ⁃    Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerky (if you're into that