March Beauty Faves

Hi guys! Happy April! I just moved into our new apartment in Boston for baseball season and I'm experiencing my first snow storm. I am totally mesmerized by it all and look like a fish out of water since we don't have anything like this in California. Nevertheless, I am still thoroughly enjoying the new experience.

Anyway, today I'm sharing a list of the beauty products I was loving all of last month! Check them out below:

Beautyblender (with cleaner) - Most girls have heard of (or already have) a  beautyblender. However, beautyblender + cleaner... a m a z i n g ! I was standing in line at Sephora when I saw this gem and of course had to get it. I mean how could anyone pass up a new beautyblender with a device to keep it clean? It's definitely worth the investment and a much easier and more realistic way to keep your blender clean, compared to trying to find the correct brush cleaner out of the million options at Sephora.     


Mac Mascara 'In Extreme Dimension' - So I've tried a bunch of different mascaras over the last few years and this month I was pretty obsessed with the Mac 'In Extreme Dimension'. I really love how this mascara creates major volume and curl in just one stroke. I also absolutely love that it doesn't make your eyelashes clump together, which is my major pet peeve of mine (ew).If you love big sexy eyelashes without having to worry about clumps or smudge, this mascara is for you.


Tarte 'Skin Twinkling Lighting Palette' - Love!! This highlighting palette is awesome. It contains three different highlighters that are great shades for all skin types. I love how it's subtle yet still really pretty. Its the perfect palette for everyday use and can be applied during the day or night. I use this palette almost every time I put my make up on. Apply it with a fan brush for best results.  


La Mer 'Creme De La Mer' Moisturizer - So this moisturizer is pricey when it comes to the bigger sizes. However, there is a small size which is absolutely fantastic and so worth it. If you're experiencing winter in March/April like I am, or have spent some time in the desert in Arizona, then be sure to check out this amazing moisturizer. My makeup artist used it on me before my wedding and it saved my life. My skin went from dry to silky smooth in seconds. I picked up a new container of it when I came to Boston from Florida and I have been using it religiously. Its truly a great product. Also great for people who frequently travel. 


Miss Dior Perfume - If you know me, then you'll be happy to hear that I finally graduated from vanilla perfume. About time, I know. My best friend was wearing this perfume and I smelled it and automatically needed it. I am superrr picky about perfumes too. I hate the smell of most of them but for some reason the new Miss Dior will make people drool over you. It's a great balance of youthfulness and sophistication but most importantly  smells delicious.


Dyson Hair Dryer - Okay guys, this is a majorrrr game changer. This hair dryer is seriously amazing. Not only does it dry your hair super super fast, but it's also small and compact, which eliminates the headache every girl gets when trying to pack a hair dryer in a suitcase.  Oh, and that's not part about the Dyson hair dryer is that it's quiet! You no longer have to scream over  extremely annoying blowing sounds of traditional dryers to talk to your boyfriend/husband or friend. Woohoo! 

Comment below and let me know what you're favorite beauty products are. Love suggestions!!