Get Fit: The Fastest Way To Tone Your Arms

Hey guys! Today i'm sharing advice on how to get toned arms super quickly. Whether you're sweating for your wedding or just trying to get your body tight, I guarantee you that nothing will feel better than saying goodbye to that jiggle jiggle that happens every time you wave to one of your friends. So lets get to  it... the exercises you must do ASAP to tighten those Bi's and Tri's is ... BOXING! 

See below for the best boxing classes that will be sure to help you reach your fitness goals.


Title Boxing is pretty much your signature badass boxing class. With locations throughout the country and classes on ClassPass... you really have no excuse not to put on those boxing gloves and give it a try! The best part about Title Boxing is that they offer a variety of classes ranging from a 30 minute class to a 75 minute class. If you're a beginner, I recommend starting out with the 30 minute class. It begins with 7 minute warmup, than proceeds with four 3-minute sets, and ends with 7 minutes of core. 

Equinox Boxing Already a member of Equinox and don't want to spend more on outside classes? Not to worry, Equinox has some amazing boxing classes! Try "The Cut" a non-impact workout with no bags or wraps but using light hand weights that will give you the same toned results. Their "Boxing" class is awesome too and gloves and wraps are provided. Be sure to sign up in advance and get their early to claim your bag. 

Rumble Boxing NYC is the latest exercise craze in NYC. Split between punching on special Rumble boxing bags and weight exercises on the floor, this class will definitely get you fit in no time. Oh, and not to mention the trainers have pretty impressive backgrounds too.. from Barry's Bootcamp master trainers to 11-time Ironman finisher.

Hotbox is freaking amazing. Seriously. Its the hardest workout I've ever done in my life and also one of the best workouts I've ever done. If you're in Nashville try it ASAP. Its a mixture of Insanity / P90x with boxing bags and awesome instructors. You'll be sure to leave drenched in sweat and ready for more. 

Prevail Boxing LA is a really cool cross between boxing, footwork, core, and agility. If you are just starting off, try their 45 minute class called "Sweat". Its a high intensity workout where trainers will guide you through a circuit and keep you motivated and hungry for more. 



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