The Jacket Trend We Are Obsessed With

Hey guys! I'm currently on the plane heading back to Boston from LA and finally have some time to write and update you all on some of the hottest fashion trends that are currently happening. The changing of the seasons is always an exciting time for fashion as it means we get to update our wardrobe and pack away last seasons outfits (especially if you live in New England with major weather changes). However, before you pack up all of your spring / summer outfits, keep in mind that there is one trend that's demolishing seasonal barriers...and we are totally okay with that!

Welcome to the world of embellished denim Jackets ... the new statement item of every"it" girl. The embellished denim jacket is a piece that allows you to not only rock various patches that showcase your personality but also provides a canvas to wear your entire first or last name on your back. Almost like a jersey for fashionistas ;)

From Etsy to Gucci, this trend has enveloped the entire fashion spectrum so if you're feeling crafty...pull out that old glue gun and stick some patches on your jacket.

Some of my favorite embellished denim jackets shown below: