My Favorite Fashion Purchases From This Month

1. Cotton Citizen : Cotton Citizen is a really cool brand that releases fashionable monochromatic collections. They switch their color palette for their clothing every few weeks ensuring that each collection is seasonal and stylish. Not surprisingly, I'm obsessed with all of Cotton Citizen's pink clothing (hot pink and light pink). I also really love their thermal joggers and the black thermal long sleeve. I even purchased shirts for Drew and he can’t get enough of them! You should definitely check them out. 

2.  Alo Yoga Fleece: Alo makes a fleece jacket that you can literally live in. I basically haven't taken it off since I purchased it. Not only is this Alo fleece extremely warm and cozy, but it's perfect for so many occasions. I personally love wearing it while traveling, running errands,  or when I'm heading to a workout class. This jacket looks super chic with leggings, black jeans, or joggers. I promise you, you will not regret purchasing this jacket… (Pinky promise because none of this is sponsored! )  

3. Ultracor Leggings: If you keep up with my Insta stories, you probably know how much I love my Ultracor leggings. However, if you don't, here's the lowdown. Ultracor leggings are made using premium silk technology and contain a built-in thong, which make your butt look absolutely phenomenal. Yup, thats right...thanks to Ultracor, you can finally look like Jen Selter, the squat queen herself, without having to do a million squats! Best news ever, right?!

Say goodbye to your old leggings that make you have a pancake butt, saggy butt, or even no butt at all... because Ultracor is about to rock your world. 

PS - My favorite patterns of Ultracor leggings are the ones with the matte black stars and the ones with the stripes and lips - however, I wish I could have them all. They're all fab! 

3. Rag & Bone Black Jeans with White Stripes: I am so happy that I got these jeans at the Rag & Bone store in LA. They have become my go-to pair of pants for dinners, girls nights out, baseball games, and basically whenever I want to look stylish without having to plan my outfit too far in advance. If you like Rag & Bone jeans, I definitely recommend purchasing a pair of these. They are also sooo comfortable! 

4. Nike Presto FLY SE: Okay's the info on the new pink Nike's that Drew got me that you all seem to be loving (according to all of the messages that I've received via Instagram). They are called Nike Presto Fly SE and in tropical fruit punch color. The color is amazing for spring and the shoes are extremely comfortable! I wouldn't recommend running in these shoes, but they're great for training, looking super cool while traveling, or walking around town.   

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