The Ultimate Netflix and Chill Guide

Hey guys! If you're currently battling the snow up's a list of movies, documentaries, and "binge watch worthy" shows for you to Netflix and Chill.  

*Warning: most of this list was created by Drew since he is the king of TV!

Binge Watch Worthy Shows and documentaries

  1. Icarus - *MUST WATCH* 
  2. Stranger Things (season 1 and 2) - Award-winning, super popular science fiction/horror tv series. 
  3. Dark - German science fiction thriller. Watch if you like Stranger Things. 
  4. Ozark - Crime drama thriller 
  5. Narcos - About Pablo Escobar 
  6. Shameless - Showtime series. Comedy/drama based in Chicago 
  7. Altered Carbon - Newest Netflix original sci-fi series
  8. Peaky Blinders - British television action crime drama, based in 1920s England
  9. Black Mirror -  Reworking of "The Twilight Zone"
  10. Sherlock BBC - British mini series based on Sherlock Holmes.
  11. Making a Murderer - Documentary of a man who was wrongly convicted of murder. 
  12. Breaking Bad - Popular AMC show about high school science teacher selling drugs. 
  13. Scandal - American political thriller starring Kerry Washington
  14. Dexter - Showtime crime drama mystery series. 
  15. Sons of Anarchy - Crime drama centered around a motorcycle club. 
  16. Limitless - TV show based off the movie Limitless. 
  17. Arrow - CW Series that's a Robinhood spinoff 
  18. Grey's Anatomy - Medical drama (most everyone has seen)
  19. House of Cards - Political drama
  20. New Girl - Funny mindless TV that will make you laugh. 
  21. The Walking Dead - Because everyone loves a good zombie show
  22. Extraordinary Homes - Sick houses 
  23. The Crown  - Netflix original series that chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II
  24. What the Health - If you never want to eat meat again
  25. Bright  - Netflix original movie starring Will Smith 


Since I'm clearly more of an expert in fashion than I am in TV (thankfully I have my husband for that) are some super cute loungewear outfits so you can Netflix and Chill in style: