January Beauty Faves 2019

Hi guys!! My monthly beauty faves are finally back! Last year with the playoffs and World Series and moving all over the country, things got kind of crazy….however, I am super excited to bring back my monthly makeup reviews for all of you.

Ouai/Revolve Beauty: Three OUAI Kit

I received this trio in my REVOLVE Beauty box and I am totally obsessed. Not only does it come with a dry texture foam, a volume spray, and a wave spray, but it also comes with special clips to help you segment your hair while styling it in order to actually achieve great results!

MAC Gloss “Mystic Powers”:

I shared this lipgloss on my Instagram story the other day after my makeup artist used it on me for an event and everyone seemed to truly love it! It’s the perfect finishing touch for a subtle pinkish-peachy girly pout.

IT cosmetics CC Cream Illumination: This is truly my favorite product…ever. I highly recommend using IT Cosmetics CC cream as your daily foundation because it provides perfect coverage without causing any breakouts. It also has SPF and their new “Illumination” creams enhance your skin with a subtle sparkle. I LOVE IT !

HUDSON + BLEECKER Cosmetic kits: I am so glad I discovered this company this month because their cosmetic cases are super cute. I personally fell in love with their blush collection and really like how their cases come in all shapes in sizes. I highly recommend checking this company out. They were also extremely nice to give all of my followers 20% off since their products aren’t cheap. Feel free to use “Carolyn20” when checking out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Eye Shadow Palette:

This eye shadow palette is golden/bronzy heaven. However, the real reason I am obsessed with it is because of the texture of the actual shadow. Most eyeshadows are usually dry and chalky and require a few brush strokes before applying it to your eye, however, this eyeshadow could not be more opposite. The Anastasia palette is super pigmented and has a creamy-soft texture to it, which I love!!